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Candy Monster

☆Survival game + platform jumping = insanely addictive!☆ Candy Monster is a fast paced survival game that lets you control Camo (our lovable candy monster with one helluva sweet tooth) through a colorful candy world. Guide him on his candy munching quest as he jumps across platforms, while avoiding obstacles such as slippery, spiky and vanishing surfaces. Power up with magnets to catch more candy and use rockets to zip across obstacles. Compete with friends and share your high scores on Facebook and Twitter. ★★★★ " It's like Skater Boy meets Ninjump" - Solidsting "this game is a perfect time killer, for those are looking for something different than Temple Run and Candy Crush Saga" - theappjuice.com ★★★★ "Awesome Me and my kids love it equally! Best game for Kids." - Navaid Features: • Stunning, eye-popping visuals • A new in-game store for buying upgrades for Camo, with candy! Buy extra lives, rocket fuel (for more flying time), candy multipliers & magnet time (for longer magnet usage) • Varying levels so no run feels the same • Multiple power ups with magnets and rockets • A wide variety of platforms to keep you on your toes • Numerous unlockables • Post high scores on Facebook and Twitter  


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A 2D Android Game

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As an honest employee at Folio3, Karachi, it was my responsibility to perform all the actions necessary to finish the projects and meet the deadlines to accomplish requirements of clients of employer. I was in development team of this project, and my work included programming and coding in Android native development using ANDEngine.


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