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Paper Survive

A wonderful celebration of our childhood memories - Paper Survive is a paper plane based game designed to take you back to your childhood. This game will allow you to fly through the world with the help of a paper plane by tapping your way on the screen through different environments by collecting various boosters on your way through and avoiding several obstacles. The multi-level game is designed to give you a seamless user experience while you cherish your childhood memories. So if you had an awesome childhood, download the game now and relive your favorite pastime. GAME FEATURES: • Eye-Popping and Amazing user interface to take you back to your childhood • Navigate through 5 different backgrounds/environments • Multi-Level Game Experience (Up to 10 Levels) • 4 Different Power Boosters/Bonuses • Customize your own plane by using 5 different variations


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An Android Arcade Game using Unity3D

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My Role in Project

As an honest and loyal employee of Symmetry Group, Karachi. my job was to provide high-quality standard games for Google Play and App Store. The initial concept was mine, which was further polished and brainstormed with the whole team. Then I made mockups for graphic designers. Then I did game design, level design, and then I developed it using Unity3D and other third party Unity plugins. I also used my own plugin LevelMenu3D in it as well.


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