At my current project at work, I have a situation to add a third-party library locally instead of fetching it from jCenter or So, my first task is to download AAR or JAR file of the library. The reason of using AAR/JAR is to avoid compiling of library on each build of the project to decrease build time.

Here’s how

First, you need to include it in your project using traditional way of implementation as you do with Android Studio. Once its compiled, then go to the directory:

Here, you can see 1 or more directories with long key hashe names. Each directory will contain either ```AAR``` or ```JAR``` or ```POM``` file. Copy the ```AAR``` file and paste it in your ```app```'s ```libs``` directory. Ant then add this line in your app level ```build.gradle``` file.

implementation ('libs/LIBRARY_AAR_FILE_NAME_WITH_EXTENSION') {
        transitive true