To always find a reason to write and to express my thoughts.

These first two reasons are quite related. It’s amazing to live in a time where it’s technically feasible to publish on your own something the world can read and there’s no ‘authoritative power’ approving what you will express.

To document processes.

Regularly documenting the work I do is something that I would like to work on more. It helps me identify with the reasons why I do things and find ways of being more efficient. It may also help others that might be trying to learn something on the same topic.

To share information with the hope it helps others.

Along with the honor I feel to have freedom to write, I feel an obligation to write about that of which I’m passionate about — coding, android, technology, and writing. I’m certain I’m not the only one who has energy behind these topics and what I express here could start conversations, engage learning and help solve problems.

How is this Site Built?

This site is built with a static site generator called HUGO. There is no shortage of the static website engines available. I’ve evaluated a few of them and found a comfort working with Hugo. Before Hugo, I was using good’ol WordPress, but that has become too much complicated now. There are lots of reasons I like Hugo such as simplicity of MarkDown, static website content (which loads very faster than dynamic website of PHP etc.) and hosting on Firebase.

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