Easy Road

Easy Road is an extensional concept based on Uber. It allows users to find through different kinds of services such as taxi, water tankers, shipping, delivery, rental of hotels, flats, and so on.

I created in latest standards of Android Material UI and lollipop features/ This app provides an easy interface and flexible user experience to get any service you need or to earn through any service you deliver for the people of Oman.

Tools & Technologies

  • Android SDK
  • Android Studio
  • Material Design

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Wajahat Karim
🌍 Making the world a better place, one app at a time.
🔥 Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Android . 📱 Professional Android Developer with ~10 years experience. 💻 Creator of various Open Source libraries on Android . 📝 Author of two technical books and 100+ articles on Android. 🎤 A passionate Public Speaker giving talks all over the world.
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Wajahat Karim

🔥 Google Dev Expert (GDE) in Android .
📱 Android Dev. 💻 Open Source Contributor . 📝 Technical Writer . 🎤 Public Speaker

Senior Android Developer

Karachi, Pakistan