The Road to 1000 Followers on Medium Since the childhood, I have remained a silent but talkative person. Now you must be thinking about how someone can be silent as well as talkative both at same time. There’s no middle ground in those two attributes. Well, my answer to that is at start I am a shy and silent person to any new person. But when I become comfortable to him/her, then I think (s)he can’t stop my on talking.

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Today marks the Pakistan’s 71 Independence Day As the title says, today’s is the 71st Independence Day of my country Pakistan 🇵🇰. As any citizen, I love my country and celebrate this day with happiness and pride. As August starts every year, Pakistan and its people starts preparation. Everywhere you will see the Pakistan flags, badges, shoes, shirts, and what nots in green and white colors with flags and designs.

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