A behind the scenes story of an open source Android library to create book & card flipping animations in ViewPager About 2 years ago, in January 2017, I released my first open source library **EasyFlipView** on Github. At that time, I was working on an English vocabulary type app for a client. One particular task was to create flashcards which had English word on one side and the meaning on other sides.

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In this data-driven era of technology, almost all websites and apps have one thing in common. That’s text validation for their data input forms and pages. This task of validating input and text before calling web services and APIs have become a routine for developers. In Android, this sometimes become too complex and tedious to perform validations and checks on multiple EditText and TextInputLayout views. Specially, when it comes to perform multiple checks to make sure that your user’s password is unbreakable and complex.

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