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The Pub(lication) for all about the Flutter and its magic.

Since in late June 2018 when Flutter moved from beta phase to the release phase, I have been trying to find time to explore this amazing mobile development framework and learn a few things about it. And believing in the ***“Knowledge for free, knowledge for all” ***philosophy, I have always tried to share my knowledge with others through writing on my blog, Medium, AndroidPub, books, or public speaking.

Today, I am more than happy & excited to announce the birth of Flutter Pub. The Flutter Pub is a medium publication to bring you the latest and amazing resources such as articles, videos, codes, podcasts etc. about this great technology to teach you how to build beautiful apps with it.

The Team

The team behind Flutter Pub is of 2 persons for now; Wajahat Karim (me) and Danish Amjad. We are the editors of the publication and our job is to look for great articles and resources about Flutter to publish it in this publication and search the amazing writers all over the globe along with promoting the FlutterPub on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc.

Submissions and Writers

We are in hunt for the great stories and great writers. If you have written any article about Flutter or about to write one, then send us an email or check the guidelines on how to write for FlutterPub and we are going to publish it on this great publication and promote it on our social media channels as well.

And Finally, We Need Your Help!

Since this is a new publication born just now, we need your help to make it a great publication. For that, we would like you share about FlutterPub on your social media and where ever you think is best.

Also, please don’t forget to follow FlutterPub on Medium and Twitter and like us on Facebook.

We thank you for all of our readers, writers, and our team and are very excited about it and looking forward to make FlutterPub a great publication.

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