Next Stop: Flutter

My first talk on Flutter vs. Other Frameworks Me giving talk on Flutter I recently shared with you about Pakistan’s first Flutter meetup in Karachi. Well, it happened on 10th November, 2018. Flutter Meetup #1 — Karachi It was organized by Flutter Karachi in collaboration with 10 Pearls University as venue partner. There were about 40+ persons who attended the meetup. More than 75% were professionals in various tech such as web development, mobile development, backend etc.

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Welcome to Flutter Pub

The Pub(lication) for all about the Flutter and its magic. Since in late June 2018 when Flutter moved from beta phase to the release phase, I have been trying to find time to explore this amazing mobile development framework and learn a few things about it. And believing in the ***“Knowledge for free, knowledge for all” ***philosophy, I have always tried to share my knowledge with others through writing on my blog, Medium, AndroidPub, books, or public speaking.

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