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My first talk on Flutter vs. Other Frameworks

Me giving talk on Flutter

I recently shared with you about Pakistan’s first Flutter meetup in Karachi. Well, it happened on 10th November, 2018.

Flutter Meetup #1 — Karachi

It was organized by Flutter Karachi in collaboration with 10 Pearls University as venue partner. There were about 40+ persons who attended the meetup. More than 75% were professionals in various tech such as web development, mobile development, backend etc.

The Audience in Flutter Meetup

There were three talks as shared in this article. Mine was the second talk. And it was about the comparison between Flutter and other frameworks available to create mobile apps.

My major focus in the talk was to compare the frameworks which compiles the code base into native apps. But for purposes of showing where these frameworks lie, I also added native Android and iOS along with the hybrid app frameworks Cordova/Ionic in the comparison. This made a comparison of Android/iOS Native vs. Cordova/Ionic vs. React Native vs. Xamarin vs. Native Script vs. Flutter.

Now all these tools are widely different from each other. So for me it was like comparing oranges with apples. So I put two major goals for comparison.

  1. Creating best possible app for both iOS and Android using the same code base.
  2. Answering developers’ issues and questions in best possible way.

So each framework has different advantages and disadvantages. In my talk, winner was the one who answered above goals in best way. And the winner was Flutter and runner was the React Native.

Slides and Vide

You can check the slides of my talk here.

Next Stop: Flutte - SpeakerDeck Slides

Also, the talk was live streamed through Facebook. You can check the streaming on this link.


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