A Year of Open Source, Public Speaking, New Job, New House, and the Big NEWS! Me, giving a talk about Flutter Originally posted on my Medium profile. 2018 was a great year for me, both personally and professionally. Last year when I wrote my first year in review, I didn’t know the real impact of these reflections and year-in-reviews. But it has helped me in fighting my self imposter syndrome, holding myself accountable (at least to my inner me), keeping a log for myself, and most importantly, seeing how I improve myself as a person and as a developer over the years.

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Next Stop: Flutter

My first talk on Flutter vs. Other Frameworks Me giving talk on Flutter I recently shared with you about Pakistan’s first Flutter meetup in Karachi. Well, it happened on 10th November, 2018. Flutter Meetup #1 — Karachi It was organized by Flutter Karachi in collaboration with 10 Pearls University as venue partner. There were about 40+ persons who attended the meetup. More than 75% were professionals in various tech such as web development, mobile development, backend etc.

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I have always been more focused on writing and reading medium than the listening and speaking. But, recently I have started giving talks and doing public speaking a little. And I must say that I have been enjoying it a lot. And then an opportunity knocked my door and presented an other option for me to explore. That was podcasting and sharing my knowledge through audio channels. I have never created or talked in any podcast, so I was curious and interested at same time to explore this and see how this plays for me.

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