Podcast — What’s Open Source? And What’s Hacktoberfest?

I have always been more focused on writing and reading medium than the listening and speaking. But, recently I have started giving talks and doing public speaking a little. And I must say that I have been enjoying it a lot.

And then an opportunity knocked my door and presented an other option for me to explore. That was podcasting and sharing my knowledge through audio channels. I have never created or talked in any podcast, so I was curious and interested at same time to explore this and see how this plays for me.

How it all started?

About 2 weeks ago, Muhammad Ali from DevCast Pakistan approached me on Facebook and asked if I was interested in being a guest on their podcast about open source and hacktoberfest. DevCast Pakistan is an initiative created through the collaborative efforts of Nawazish Ali (freeCodeCamp Karachi) and Azeem Akhtar (SoftDevPK).

I was more than thrilled to get this opportunity and responded with a big YES. Thank you Muhammad Ali and DevCast Pakistan for the opportunity. After few discussions over Facebook, we finalized the podcast details like topic, agenda, questions to be answered, time and date etc. This was my first podcast ever, but I wasn’t nervous because this was in Urdu language and it was open source. We were two guests (me and Ahsan Ayaz) hosted by Muhammad Ali from DevCast Pakistan.

What was discussed in podcast?

We discussed about open source, its importance, the status of open source in Pakistan, why should companies in Pakistan do open source, which communities in Pakistan are doing open source (For example, devncode by Muhammad Kamran and Code for Pakistan etc.) and so on. We also discussed about Hacktoberfest challenge(GitHub and DigitalOcean) and how can students and professionals from Pakistan can participate in it and why they should do it.

Where can I listen?

After the recording, DevCast Pakistan started creating buzz and promotions about upcoming episode of open source and Hacktoberfest. And finally on 19th October, 2018 the podcast episode was live. You can listen on SoundCloud or on their website at here. Please note that this is in Urdu language.

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