🐦 Flying With Flutter — 🎤 Talk + 💻 Live Coding Session

A talk and live-coding session given at SMIU University, Karachi organized by SMIU DSC Team

Me giving a talk on Flutter at [SMIU University, Karachi](https://www.smiu.edu.pk/)

Few days ago, on 18th December, 2019 I was invited to give a talk and live-coding session at Sindh Madressatul Islam University (SMIU), Karachi by their Computer Science department faculty. The event was organized by the SMIU Developer Students Club (DSC) team lead by a very nice and capable student Zubair Ansari.

The theme of the event was Flutter Study Jam and I was asked to give a talk and live-coding session on Flutter for their university students.

The SMIU auditorium filled with the students while my talk

📹 Full Talk Recording Video

My talk lasted for about an hour. Although this was my first talk on Flutter, but it was very pleasant and good experience. The audience was engaging and took a good interest in what I had to say. Here’s the full video of my talk available on YouTube. Sorry I forgot to record my screen while the talk, otherwise you would have seen a better screen for code in the video.

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💻 Demo Code

Since this event was for beginner level students, so I only focused on creating the UI screens in Flutter. I showcased a few screens of an app I worked in the past and tried to create as many screens in the talk as I could. Due to time constraints, I could only create 2.

Some design screens of an educational app I worked in the past

The source code of the demo is available at my Github profile on the following link.

📄 Talk Slides

Although most of the talk was based on the live-coding session and explaining concepts about Flutter there, but I focused on “Why Flutter?” at first to teach students on how Flutter is different from other cross-platform tools and why they should learn it. This was mostly picked from my this recent article on Flutter.

So, here are the slides from my SpeakerDeck profile.

🙏 Special Thanks

At the end, I would like to show my gratitude and thank to Zubair Ansari, whole DSC SMIU team, SMIU faculty, Head of Department of Computer Science, and the students who attended this session and provided me with the feedback.

Me with the SMIU DSC team and some of the students

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