Google IO is a a mega event and annual developers conference organized and hosted by Google at their California headquarters where they share the updates about their new products, hardware, software, platform, innovations etc. Android has grown into a very huge product for Google over the years. And each year Google IO event contains lots of new updates and feature announcements for Android. As an Android developer working for almost a decade, 8 years to be precise, I have always wondered what its like to attend the event in person.

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A quick tip to fix AssertionError Exception when updating ConstraintLayout from 1.0.2 to later versions. This article is part of Today I Learned series and was originally posted at my TIL Github Repository and my website at These days, I am working on an android app with very old code base. So, as I am adding new functionality and fixing bugs, I am improving the code base with latest APIs.

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Constraint Layout 1.1 was recently released as stable and there’s a lot to love. A complete overhaul of optimization makes most layouts run even faster than before and new features like barriers and groups make real-world designs simple! You can add it using this line in your android projects: implementation '' There has been lots of new features in version 1.1, but we will talk about the percentage feature here.

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