A collection of concise write-ups on the things I learn day to day In this age of busy life with smartphones and laptops, we have almost started taking things we learn on daily basis for granted. Whether its just a minor semicolon missing error or any run-time crash exception, we learn lots of things in just coding for an hour even. These things and tips are so small that we don’t give much value to these and next day or day after that, we almost search for same thing again.

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After Wasting 2017 Year Successfully, Now Looking Forward to Waste 2018 Again Yet another year in review about more failures and missed opportunities As days are closing in to the new year, Medium and whole blogging world is filled with articles about new year. Some people like Kimberly Harrington or Hampus Jakobsson are sharing their year in reviews like this and this while some are sharing their favorite books of the year as Matt L.

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4 Old Things That No One Told You About Writing a Book, Actually Tech Book In this era of technology and rapidly changing world, we see a lots of new things and new tech coming up everyday. Being a hardcore programmer for like 7 years, I have learned a thing or two about the cycle of incoming and outgoing of new technologies and what effects happen in the domain of reading, writing, and literature.

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